Wednesday, April 15, 2009

LG KM900AT-00-V10h-CIS-MAR-19-2009 Firmware ----- Part10

LG Electronics, a worldwide technology and design leader in mobile communications, announced today the launch of its new flagship mobile phone for 2009, LG Arena (LG-KM900). This fully loaded multimedia phone with LG’s innovative and dynamic 3D S-Class User Interface, will be on hand at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.LG ARENA’s groundbreaking 3D S-Class UI was specifically designed to be a more fun and engaging gateway to an amazing multimedia environment. A cube-based layout provides four customizable home screens for direct access to all features. Music, movies, pictures and more are within reach, thanks to intuitive, touch-based 3D menus. The rich 3D graphics give S-Class a life-like look that makes it natural and easy to navigate.

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  1. do not buy this "phone", every so often can not take the call due to screen not illuminated nor possible turn it even pressing the button or not ringing most of the time either (obviously not in silence mode) but showing few missed called. I am not even talking abot the multimedia aspect which does not work at all, impossible to get to homail account, not banking website...This thing is a rip off and completly useless. It is time to get a hammer and solve the problem to get rid of it, that will be a good thing for the goodnees of humanity.
    Patrick Moisset

  2. this is crappy things. Mine has a problem when editing or creating new contacts. The phone is always restarting when doing those.
    Using PC suite III, I tried to make a contact in the computer, then send it to the phone. The result is nothing. Bring LG to court!

  3. As another warning (if needed) best to avoid this phone if possible I wish I had. Comment above about no being able to pick up phone calls is universal along with the fact that I have to keep taking the battery out when it freezes - which is often.

  4. You're all a bunch of crap! I have that phone and I like it, the only but only minus is the fact that it's hard to write message since the display is not large enough, if you have more money buy something better then.

  5. Can i no which country is my phone from ?? I got LG KM900AT . Generally indian piece has name KM900 only ..

  6. How do you get into your applications if you forget your security code ??