Wednesday, April 15, 2009

LG KM900AT-00-V10h-CIS-MAR-19-2009 Firmware ----- Part4

LG Electronics, a worldwide technology and design leader in mobile communications, announced today the launch of its new flagship mobile phone for 2009, LG Arena (LG-KM900). This fully loaded multimedia phone with LG’s innovative and dynamic 3D S-Class User Interface, will be on hand at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.LG ARENA’s groundbreaking 3D S-Class UI was specifically designed to be a more fun and engaging gateway to an amazing multimedia environment. A cube-based layout provides four customizable home screens for direct access to all features. Music, movies, pictures and more are within reach, thanks to intuitive, touch-based 3D menus. The rich 3D graphics give S-Class a life-like look that makes it natural and easy to navigate.

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  1. I bought My Phone LG-KM900AT
    s/w VERSION KM900AT_V10b

    From Dubai on 16 June 2009; it is a very annoying experience when the LG-KM900AT Phone Hangs!!! Just when I have just tried to make a call or send an SMS... The damn thing just keeps hanging!!

  2. This product is not ready for the market. The phone hangs, switches off on its own, the camera clicks a picture 2-3 seconds after the shutter sound is heard - causing the subject to move and thus spoil the picture. Also it is no good when network strength is weak, it complains "No network available" when other (non LG) phones work fine.


  3. i agree with you!!!

  4. I'm now experiencing the same problem with my LG-900AT phone. It is also too easy to get lowbat. Mistake of my brother to bought this for me. Waste of money.